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Cognixia and the Service Management Commitment

Cognixia service management
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Hello everyone. I want to use this first blog post to state that I have officially joined Cognixia. I joined a while back (February 2019) as Director of Business Delivery. Many of you may remember me from involvement over the years with other training providers, and for a somewhat regular blog focusing on ITIL® that I once produced.

My new role at Cognixia is a very different thing for me than I’ve done in the recent past. I haven’t had what I’d consider a real “job” in over a decade. I’ve been independent since the mid-2000’s. What’s most important about my role at Cognixia is what I’ve been asked to do, and why I think it’s a good idea to do this.

My job at Cognixia is to create a full business training product line. This includes topics such as program and project management, business analysis, DevOps, COBIT, TOGAF, professional communication, quality management, SixSigma, and of course ITIL. ITIL has always been the mainstay of my work, and standing up a full ITIL training and consulting product line has been, and will continue to be, my focus at Cognixia for the time being.

Cognixia has made a commitment to developing a full and complete ITIL training and consulting product line, and has largely given me leeway in the design, implementation and operation of that product line. While I’ve played a significant role in developing ITIL training and consulting product lines in the past, with Cognixia I have a clear mandate to structure and build this exactly the way I want to, in-line with current market expectations for service management knowledge. Cognixia has demonstrated a commitment to become a key player in the service management training and consulting market.

What Can You Expect from Us?

In my opinion, there is no better time to be doing this. With the recent release of ITIL 4 the ITIL and ITSM market is becoming reenergized. The market needs products that effectively describe the best practices and that can help people and organizations most efficiently make use of ITIL best practices.

First, we’ve built and delivered existing ITIL v3 training. We are committed to having all of the existing ITIL v3 classes available as needed, until they retire.

Second, we’ve built, and delivered our ITIL 4 Foundation training class numerous times since its released in late February. We currently (as of June 2019) have a 100% pass rate for students taking the ITIL 4 Foundation exam.

Third, as many know, AXELOS has only released the syllabus for ITIL 4 Foundation. Other syllabi for accredited ITIL 4 training are coming soon (Q3 to Q4 2019). As those are released we will build and accredit them and have them ready for delivery. The content will be 1) high quality, 2) supportive of people’s certification goals and objectives, and 3) supportive of communicating in a practical, hands-on way how to use and apply the ITIL best practices in a live organization.

Fourth, at Cognixia we are doing some things differently with our ITIL training program. We will focus on experiential learning, which means we will make heavy use of simulation products like Polestar. We consider simulation products to be our lead products for product lines such as ITIL, because we think hands-on exposure and understanding of ITIL is important to our customers and much more helpful than endless lectures. We have also developed an entire line of supplementary content that is included with our classes that is meant to 1) support people’s certification goals and objectives, and 2) provide additional content that people can directly apply to their work to achieve their organization’s service management goals and objectives. This additional content will include items such as process maps, practice information, policies, roles and responsibilities, continual improvement registers, etc…

Additionally, we have created a unique set of courses that we call “Applied Service Management” courses. These are non-certification courses that are intended to address topics that organizations are often interested in, that relate to more practical concerns about adoption and utilization of ITIL best practices. Applied service management classes are unique to Cognixia – they are available from no other provider. These classes address a void that has existed in the market for some time. That is, most ITIL training is focused on certification, and doesn’t necessarily address the practical needs of organizations. Our applied service management classes address this need by giving people hands-on training and information that they can take from class and directly apply to their business needs.


I will also resume regular posting of blogs that discuss and cover various aspects of ITIL and business training topics. This post is the first of many regular blog posts.

We are focusing on developing and exploiting these key differentiators. One of the things I want to avoid is creating an ITIL training program that looks exactly like every other ITIL training program out there. There is enough of that out there. It’s not what you need from us and it’s not a useful business for us to be a part of. We are taking a different approach here than other training providers.

I am excited about all of this, as are the team at Cognixia. We feel like we have a good strategy to develop and exploit our key differentiators and that we can address needs in the ITIL training and consulting market that are not being met by other providers. We look forward to working with you to create and deliver effective training products that drive the conversation forward from simply talking about best practices to actually helping people and organizations apply best practices.

ITIL® is a (registered) Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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