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How ITIL Foundation Certification will help my career growth in the firm?


The level of advancement and growth visible at the forefront of the IT industry is merely a minuscule display of the actual action happening behind the stage. With automation and AI making all the waves, running an efficient IT service in a giant organization, requires staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and developments. However, this cannot be achieved only by having a team of tech-savvy and motivated personnel in place. It would also need the most effective IT Service Management (ITSM) tools. This would prevent and correct a number of issues ranging from incident management to data security.

Here is what the experts have to say about the ongoing IT related issues:

IT-related problems are estimated to impact the US economy to the tune of around $60 billion per year for software errors and around $140 billion per year for info/data security breaches.

– Mark Hall, Apollo RCA instructor and investigator.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), is the pre-eminent framework for a set of consistent and well-defined processes, incorporating the best practices for digital and IT operations. ITIL uses a systematic approach to ITSM tools and for years has paved the way for dynamic collaboration. ITIL certification delivers IT professionals and organizations with an end-to-end model to face the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ITIL enables organizations to deliver top tier IT-enabled products, efficiently at low costs and also covers incidents and problem management.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense for IT professionals who deploy an organization’s ITSM best practices to be well-versed with the ITIL framework. This especially holds true in the wake of ITIL 4, which released in 2019. This update marked an immense leap for ITIL with a strong emphasis being placed on agility, flexibility and innovation in ITSM. The update has made the importance of attaining an ITIL certification even more prevalent for IT professionals seeking growth within the evolving industry.

Still wondering if ITIL is the right choice for you? Continue reading, explore your options and plan ahead!

Why go for ITIL Foundation Certification?

The ITIL certification has done exceedingly well over the years and has consistently topped every list of must-have certifications, each year. IT professionals who earn this credential are highly sought after in the industry and esteemed organizations are always on the lookout for skilled, ITIL-certified employees. ITIL certified professionals can earn up to 40% more compared to their peers. Previously, only large organizations were adopting and implementing the ITIL framework. However, in recent times, mid-sized and smaller organizations have also started adopting and implementing ITIL practices by making most of its advantages.

The graph below depicts the range of salaries (minimum, average and maximum) offered to IT professionals in the U.S. at various hierarchical levels.


The ITIL Foundation Certification opens the door to job opportunities with various esteemed organizations.

Some of the top employers for ITIL certified professionals


Below is a list of reasons how the ITIL Foundation Certificate, when effectively applied, will guarantee a career growth.

  • Upskill and Advance

ITIL foundation provides professionals with an opportunity to upskill their existing knowledge and passion for technology by understanding the core concepts, theories and principles of IT Service Management. The foundation helps in progressing further and deep diving to mid-level and expert-level certifications. The ITIL Foundation Certificate essentially works as a stepping stone in the field of IT service management.

  • Enrich Customer Satisfaction

With the help of the ITIL framework, professionals can progressively work towards reducing costs and adverse incidents in their organizations. The key focus of ITIL 4 is customer satisfaction. In the past few decades, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in companies, from the enterprise to the customer. The value is now placed on customer satisfaction which is embedded as the core concept in ITIL certifications and practices.

  • Improved Service Delivery 

ITIL guarantees improved IT service functionality at various management levels. In fact, with the recent update of ITIL 4, the efficiency of enterprise service management has moved beyond IT to other functionalities, such as, HR, supply chain, operations, production, etc. Undergoing a thorough training and earning your ITIL certification could help you take your organization’s efficiency up a notch further, which would in turn bring about continuous success and growth.

  • Stay Updated

One of the main reasons for the ITIL certification to have witnessed the success that it did, is ITIL’s consistency in maintaining its value in the market. The certifications have remained the top-paying certifications over the years especially due to the timely updating of the framework to match the developments in the market.  First with ITIL v3 in 2011 and now ITIL 4 in 2019, the framework has advanced and maintained its worth in the IT spectrum.


ITIL Certification Schemes

There are 4 tiers within the ITIL 4 certification:

ITIL Foundation Certification 

ITIL 4 Foundation Certification is widely acknowledged for its design to encourage individuals and organizations in adopting and deploying modern IT-enabled services. The training covers key concepts and principles used in the ITIL services lifecycle.

ITIL 3 Foundation level credentials, continue to remain valid but all ITIL 4 certification levels have been rolled out in 2020. Candidates and professionals are being encouraged to update their credentials to the ITIL 4 certification. Intermediate candidates who have just started the ITIL v3 certification course and only reached up till the Foundation certificate, or earned up to 6 credits, are encouraged to move to the updated ITIL 4 Foundation course. This will ensure that the candidates are in sync with the most recent updates.

An ITIL certification consists of a range of qualifications covering areas of ITIL service lifecycle. Candidates who aim to obtain an ITIL certificate must take a training course and pass an exam before receiving the certification. There are no mandatory prerequisites to attend this course.

Who provides the ITIL 4 foundation certification?

ITIL is owned by AXELOS, a joint venture company, created in 2013, by the Cabinet Office, on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government, in the United Kingdom.

Candidates who are passionate to achieve the ITIL Foundation certification are encouraged to take the exam after completing training and classes with AXELOS Accredited Training Organization (ATO), such as, Cognixia. Candidates pursuing higher-level certifications of ITIL 4 such as the Managing Professional modules require mandatory training with an ATO. 

Cognixia – world’s leading digital transformation company is offering a fully developed portfolio of AXELOS accredited ITIL training, ranging from the ITIL Foundation to intermediate and expert levels. Our ITIL Foundation training course offers live, online instructor-led training session with round the clock technical support and learning material. This ITIL course focuses on helping organizations and individuals understand ITIL 4 best practices and ultimately achieve the ITIL 4 certification. To know more about our ITIL 4 classes and to get certified in ITIL 4, review our ITIL® 4 Foundation course.

To conclude, if your career is angled towards long term growth in an organization, ITIL Foundation will pave the way for this growth whilst earning good salaries and pursuing your tech dream. This certification is a brilliant way to start the ITIL journey and guarantee effective growth in the organization. What sets you apart from the rest would be your commitment in your ITIL journey. Consistency and perseverance while application and adoption of ITIL framework will take you a long way in your organization.

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