Designing and implementing a service catalogue

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This 4-day course focuses on the design, implementation and operational management of various forms of service catalogues based on ITIL best practices. This course extends ITIL theory with numerous practical examples and real-world exercises oriented around service catalogues. The course includes topics such as design, implementation and operational management, as well as, how to overcome real-world challenges related to service catalogues. Additionally, this course covers how to work with the business to identify services and how to use the service catalogue to set important boundaries within an organization. This is a hands-on course that provides numerous exercises that give a real-world understanding of service catalogueues.

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Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Live Classroom
Duration: 5 days

Live Virtual Classroom
Duration: 5 days

What You'll learn

Service management

  • Request fulfillment
  • Service catalogue
  • Service catalogue management
  • Metrics and measurements for service catalogues
  • Identifying improvements
  • Service catalogue assessments
  • Service catalogue tools
  • Industry-based service catalogues
  • Self-service and service catalogues


  • Stages of the lifecycle
  • Services
  • The service portfolio
  • Processes and functions
  • A brief discussion of the ITIL processes
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Exercise 1: Understanding basic service management concepts
  • How ITIL defines a service catalogue
  • The purpose of a service catalogue
  • The benefits of having a service catalogue
  • The types of service catalogue
  • A simple service catalogue process
  • Common service catalogue tools
  • How the business perceives and uses a service catalogue
  • The golden rule of service catalogues
  • The service catalogue management process check sheet
  • Exercise 2: Defining a simple service catalogue management process
  • Example I: Understanding state, local and federal government service catalogues
  • Example II: Higher education service catalogues
  • Example III: Private industry service catalogues
  • Example IV: Other real-world service catalogue examples
  • Example V: Identifying appropriate service catalogue guidance for your environment
  • The continual service improvement approach
  • The CSI register
  • Using the CSI register with the CSI approach
  • Step I: Identifying the vision for your service catalogue
  • Step II: Determining the current state of your service catalogue
  • Step III: Transforming the vision into realistic targets
  • Step IV: Identifying and implementing improvements
  • Step V: Measuring progress towards the vision
  • The service catalogue vision check-sheet
  • Exercise 4: Revisiting your service catalogue process from Exercise 2
  • Integrating service management processes throughout the lifecycle
  • How service strategy interacts with other lifecycle stages
  • Inputs and outputs between the lifecycle stages
  • Business value of service management processes
  • Interfaces of service management processes
  • Understanding and agreeing to the desired state for service catalogue management in your environment
  • Understanding the current state of service catalogue n your environment
  • Service catalogue management Audit of Intent
  • Service catalogue management Audit of Action
  • Service catalogue management assessment questions
  • Service catalogue management key performance indicators, metrics, and measurements
  • Service catalogue management roles and responsibilities
  • Service catalogue management process integration
  • Documenting the difference between the vision and the baseline
  • Exercise 6 – Establishing a baseline for service catalogue management
  • Making the vision less nebulous
  • Typical service catalogue targets
  • Aligning typical service catalogue management targets to your specific targets
  • Using SMART objectives
  • Documenting SMART objectives
  • The service catalogue management realistic target check sheet
  • Exercise 7: Documenting realistic targets for your service catalogue management process and service catalogues
  • Achieving targets
  • Typical service catalogue management related improvements
  • Using the CSI register with targeted improvements
  • The service catalogue management improvement check sheet
  • Exercise 8: Identifying and implementing improvements for your service catalogue management process and service catalogues
  • Type of metrics
  • Use of metrics
  • Avoiding metric-overload
  • A practical service catalogue management dashboard
  • The service catalogue management metric, measurements and key performance indicator check sheet
  • Exercise 9: Defining an effective service catalogue management dashboard
  • The difference between challenges and risks
  • Understanding the nature of challenges and risks
  • Practical guidance for identifying and overcoming challenges
  • Practical guidance for identifying and overcoming risks
  • The service catalogue management challenge check sheet
  • The service catalogue management risk check sheet
  • Exercise 10: Identifying and overcoming challenges
  • Exercise 11: Identifying and overcoming risks
  • Understanding the tools landscape
  • Understanding real-life tool requirements for service catalogue management
  • Identifying appropriate tools for service catalogue management
  • The service catalogue management tool requirements
  • Taking a project management approach
  • Defining a charter for service catalogue management
  • Defining service catalogue management project goals and objectives
  • Defining service catalogue management milestones
  • Defining a work breakdown structure for service catalogue management
  • Creating a service catalogue management project plan
  • The sample service catalogue management project plan
  • Exercise 13: Defining a service catalogue management project plan
  • Transitioning your service catalogue management process
  • Service catalogue management and business relationship management
  • Service catalogue management and service level management
  • Service catalogue management and request fulfilment
  • Service catalogue management and asset management
  • Service catalogue management operational check sheet
  • Exercise 14: Defining operational responsibilities for service catalogue management
  • The future of service catalogues
  • Service catalogue management and cloud computing
  • Advanced service catalogue management topics
  • Continuing improvement and adjustment for your service catalogue management process
  • Review of concepts learned
  • Questions and answers
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Participants for this course need to have foundation level understanding of ITIL® service management best practices and have experience working in organizations using various IT service management processes.

Who should attend

  • CIOs, CTOs
  • Service management professionals
  • IT managers and directors
  • IT auditors
  • Request fulfilment professionals
  • Continual improvement professionals
  • Service operation professionals
  • Service desk professionals
  • Service catalog professionals

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There is no certification exam associated with this course.