Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Course Code: 0118


By 2030, it is estimated that IIoT, if implemented successfully, will lead to a growth of about $12 trillion of the global GDP.

Cognixia’s Industrial Internet of things training program discusses building robust connected devices and effectively working with them in the industrial setting, while also talking about the dynamics of the IoT market and its trends. The course focuses on providing hands-on training to plan, design, architect, and implement industrial IoT solutions.

Since IIoT works in convergence with many other technological disciplines, Cognixia’s Industrial Internet of Things training program specifically focuses on this aspect and provides practical training on the deployment and convergence of IoT and connected devices in an industrial environment.

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Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Live Classroom 
Duration: 8 days

Live Virtual Classroom 
Duration: 8 days

What You'll learn

  • Introduction to Industrial Internet of Things
  • Working with PLC and SCADA
  • Using Sensor data mining and analytics
  • Working with Wireless sensor area networks (WSAN)
  • Designing and developing various IIoT systems
  • The Smart factory initiative
  • Various Industrial cloud platforms
  • Overview of Industrial IoT security


  • Concepts and definitions
  • OT components – Industrial control systems, PLC, SCADA, DCS
  • Market statistics, early adopters, roadmap
  • Use-cases
  • History and evolution of automation – Plants to parts
  • Concept of data, information, knowledge and wisdom
  • PLC vs micro-controllers – cost, performance and power consumption
  • Industrial networks, M2M networks
  • Transducer – Sensor and Actuator
  • Data acquisition, storage and analytics
  • Real time analytics
  • Edge analytics
  • Sensor nodes
  • WSN communication technologies
  • Applications
  • IIoT reference architectures
  • IIoT design considerations
  • Networks, communication technologies and protocols
  • Product, process and people integration
  • Smart factories and cyber physical systems
  • Design principles
  • Challenges
  • Industrial gateways
  • Commercial gateway solutions from Intel, Cisco
  • Cloud-based gateway solutions
  • IaaS, PaaS and SaaS models
  • Cloud components and services
  • Device management, databases, visualization, reporting, notification/alarm management, security management, cloud resource monitoring and management
  • Example platforms – AWS IoT and Microsoft Azure
  • Overview of GE Predix and PTC Thingworx
  • Standards and best practices
  • Common vulnerabilities
  • Attack surfaces
  • Hardware and software solutions
  • Open source initiatives
  • Device (Application and OS hardening)
  • Network and protocol security features
  • Cloud security
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There are no prerequisites for this training program.

Who Should Attend

Cognixia’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) course is highly recommended for current and aspiring –

  • Instrumentation engineers
  • Industrial automation engineers
  • Professionals and entrepreneurs keen to make their industrial processes and systems more efficient using IoT
  • Electrical and electronic engineers
  • Solution architects
  • Embedded engineers with experience on development boards

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Participants will be awarded with an exclusive certificate upon successful completion of the program. Every learner is evaluated based on their attendance in the sessions, their scores in the course assessments, projects, etc. The certificate is recognized by organizations all over the world and lends huge credibility to your resume.