Polestar ITSM Simulation

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Working in a dynamic environment, meeting the demands of a constantly evolving business, while also ensuring that the service targets are achieved within the prescribed budgets, can be quite a challenge. The Polestar ITSM Simulation can be the perfect solution for you in such a situation.

In the Polestar ITSM simulation course, participants will learn how the ITIL best practices transform a business. Polestar is an active simulation, where participants take on various common roles in an organization, and then experience how utilizing the ITIL best practices can keep a business and its underlying information technology (IT) profitable and operating as intended. The course allows participants to experience active roles dealing with incident management, problem management, change management, service level management, service asset and configuration management, business relationship management, IT executive leadership and continual service improvement. The simulation shows how the various parts of ITIL work together. The simulation’s diagnostic nature demonstrates the areas of ITIL where the organization performs effectively, as well as the areas where the organization needs improvement.

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Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Live Classroom
Duration: 1 day

Live Virtual Classroom
Duration: 1 day

What You'll learn

  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Service level management
  • Service asset and configuration management
  • Business relationship management
  • IT executive leadership
  • Continual service improvement


  • Simulation practice round
  • Simulation round 1
  • Simulation round 2
  • Simulation round 3
  • Simulation round 5
  • Review, discussion of overall performance
  • Identification of organizational strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement
Each student receives a copy of the Kindle book – Understanding Service Management: Benefits, Challenges, Risks and other important details
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Knowledge of ITIL gained through prior work experience, an ITIL Awareness class, or an ITIL Foundation class would be highly beneficial.

Who Should Attend

The ITIL Polestar ITSM Simulation course is highly recommended for current and aspiring:

  • IT professionals
  • Business professionals
  • Executive leadership
  • Service management professionals
  • Incident managers
  • Problem managers
  • Business relationship managers
  • Change managers
  • Quality improvement professionals

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There is no certification examination associated with this course.