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As most of you might have idea or know about the one of the top and much famous technology blog on the internet which covers latest technology news, gadgets, science and interesting stuff and provides helpful guides to the internet users.

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What Is The Future Of The Amazon Web Services And The Cloud Computing Market?

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has been transforming the way people work and access information & data globally. With cloud computing, one is able to get on-demand deliver...

Understanding the Intricacies of Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence

AI, Machine Learning
Trends in computer skills change nearly every day, but if you tap into artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) skills, you can easily see into th...

The Importance of Defining a Career Path for Your Digital Talent

Digital Transformation
You go through an extensive hiring process and finally onboard an experienced and talented new employee — but your role doesn’t end there. Instead of le...

Digital Transformation is About People, Not Only Technology

Digital Transformation, Emerging Technologies
Start Your Digital Transformation Where it Counts: With People You’re looking to grow your tech business, but you’re not sure where to put your time...

6 Tips to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Right now, many employees in the United States and around the world are beginning to work from home for the first time in order to practice social distancing. W...

Manny’s Story: Collaborative Learning to Land your Dream Job

Emerging Technologies, Success Stories
When Manny graduated from Queen’s College in New York City, he was hoping that finding a job would be a simple process. Unfortunately, like so many recent STE...

Training in Technologies That are Actually Needed

Emerging Technologies, Success Stories
When Olive started her training with Cognixia in February 2019, she wasn’t just beginning a new career. She was living in a new country for the first time. As...
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