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Automatic OCR to make dropbox more user friendly

Automatic OCR to Make Dropbox More User-Friendly

January 3, 2019

If you have been rummaging around your files—photos, PDFs, and other documents—to get the right one, Dropbox has now added a useful feature that will eliminate the fly in the ointment for its users. Optical Character Recognition technology in Enterprise Dropbox will allow users to transcribe images and PDFs automatically.

Over the next few months, Dropbox Pro, Business Advanced and Enterprise accounts will have text recognition engine which will allow every image and PDF to be scanned for text when it comes to effect. The data generated through this operation needs to be stored securely just as the documents themselves are stored securely on the cloud.

This OCR technology promises to make Dropbox handier but much depends upon how accurately the transcription is done.

Another Step towards Digital Transformation with Cognitive Computing

OCR is a common way of digitizing printed texts to enable them to be electronically edited, searched and stored in a more compact manner. It is utilized extensively in machine processes such as cognitive computing, text mining, machine translation, text-to-speech translation, etc. Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, and Computer Vision are the supersets of OCR technology which in itself is a diverse field of research.

Thus, we see that emerging technologies and cognitive computing are taking the world by the storm. These technologies will be in huge demand in the future when organizations in every nook and corner of this world will look forward to leveraging these technologies to their benefit, necessitating the requirement of trained and certified professionals.

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