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Industry Challenge

The world is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Advances in technology have disrupted industries and heightened demand for new skills, from artificial intelligence and the Internet of things to blockchain and cybersecurity. Virtual has been thrust upon us and now we need to adjust. Many companies lack the talent needed to support their growth and universities struggle to keep pace with demand. As a result, industries face a critical gap, with roughly a million jobs going unfilled. To stay ahead of the technology curve, organizations must reinvent their approaches to recruiting and developing talent.

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What The Experts Are Saying

People might be the most critical part of the six pillars of digital transformation. Without the right talent or without focusing on your employees, your organization will struggle.Forbes

What we quickly found was that it wasn’t the technology people were struggling with—the real challenge was how to change people’s mindsets, the company culture, and the way people think and do things.Deloitte Digital

Given how fast the marketplace changes, it’s impossible for companies to reach a final state of being digital—they must constantly identify, iterate, and evolve.Wall Street Journal

How We Help

At Cognixia, we believe that there can be no digital transformation without a digital-ready workforce. We’re closing the talent gap by helping people and companies to adapt to evolving demands. We focus on building digital mindsets—looking beyond the present to create a workforce equipped with the right skills and knowledge for tomorrow. And our state-of-the-art, virtual learning infrastructure allows students to excel in the rapidly evolving, remote world.

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Cognixia’s learning solutions drive results at every stage of the talent process, from recruiting and hiring to onboarding and upskilling. Our comprehensive screening ensures that candidates are equipped with the digital mindsets needed to help companies stay ahead. Our programs match students with expert instructors, tailored curricula, and opportunities for hands-on learning. Graduates emerge ready to apply their new skills from day one. That’s how we future-proof companies and careers.

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Our Solutions

JUMP for Companies is a comprehensive digital transformation solution that effectively hires, trains, and deploys top performing resources to organizations. Companies take on no up front hiring or training expenses.

Rewire by Cognixia is designed to help organizations upskill/elevate their workforce. Learning programs are tailored specifically to the needs of companies and are constantly updated to ensure organizations are being future-proofed on the latest technologies.

Looking to upgrade your digital skills? Rewire Direct offers individuals both guided and self -guided programs designed to help individuals specialize, learn new skills, and become indispensible to organizations.

Our Programs

Because our clients are at the forefront of digital innovation, we have a deep understanding of the most critical competencies needed for people and organizations to stay ahead. Cognixia offers 250+ virtual and in-person programs across the most relevant technologies.

Machine learning AI and deep learning
Machine Learning, AI, and Deep Learning
ITIL 4 foundation
ITIL® 4 Foundation
Cloud Computing with AWS Training
Cloud Computing with AWS Training
AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator
AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator
Devsecops Boot Camp
DevSecOps Boot Camp
Docker and Kubernetes Bootcamp
Docker and Kubernetes Bootcamp
Internet of things
Internet of Things
RHCE certification lab
RHCE Certification Lab

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