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Imitation Learning Fortress IQs

Imitation Learning: FortressIQ’s New AI

January 3, 2019

A US-based startup called FortressIQ is all set to transform process automation with a new avatar of AI – Imitation Learning. Similar to Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Imitation Learning takes a step further by not only recording the redundant processes on the desktop, but also replacing the consultants, who have paid a hefty sum to perform time and motion studies, in more creative ways.

Making AI Learn & Adapt

Imitation Learning, through the process of observation, strives to replicate human behavior so that people understand their processes well. With virtual processors, a low bandwidth movie of the process is captured. There is no camera involved and everything that a person does is captured on the desktop. Until this point, Imitation Learning is similar to RPA.

What differentiates Imitation Learning from RPA is the component based on computer vision and AI models that can convert the movie into a series of software activities. Another differentiating factor is the data mining component which filters out an activity which is not a part of the process.

It is believed that the product developed incorporating Imitation Learning will be offered as a cloud service.

The world is innovating at a rapid pace; and lagging behind is simply not acceptable. It is, thus, imperative to train your workforce in emerging technologies.

Learning delayed is learning denied

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