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Microsoft reinforcing its ai base

Microsoft’s reinforcing its AI Base

January 3, 2019

Microsoft has recently acquired a startup named Lobe that is into building machine learning models with the drag-and-drop simplicity. With Microsoft’s patronage, Lobe is all set to leverage cutting-edge AI research, global infrastructure and the immense experience in developing tools for software development. Open source standard and multiple platform support are the two major highlights of Lobe’s service efforts.

Apart from Lobe, Microsoft has also recently acquired and Semantic Machines, a deep learning platform and a conversational AI platform respectively. About a year ago, Microsoft acquired Maluuba, another startup focused on AI.

Without the spec of doubt, Microsoft is strengthening its Machine Learning, AI and Deep Learning power. And not only Microsoft, almost all of the major technology firms are on the sprint to acquire as much talent and technology as possible in machine learning and AI.

Experts all over the world believe that globally, we have only begun to tap a little from the full potential of AI. This is mainly because even for experienced developers and data scientists, building deep learning models and the overall AI development is a formidable challenge. We need more expertise, innovation and training to leverage the full potential of AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning in our life. Technology giants embracing AI signifies a commitment towards a positive change. And everyone, as per their caliber, must take part in it.

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