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AI to mitigate the spread of fake news

ML & AI to mitigate the spread of fake news

January 3, 2019

Online propagandizing can have devastating outcomes. And unfortunately, fake news spreads quicker since it is more engaging or appealing to the viewers. In the online world, content choices are many and the users’ attention span is limited. Spreading misinformation, thus, has become so prolific that it is now nearly impossible for humanity to dig itself out of the quagmire. The last resort now is to devise machines to pull us out.

Ineffective Human Intervention

No matter how hard the human fact-checkers try to flag and address misinformation, the truth is that there are so many false stories and so few people to curb its spreading.
Machine Learning and AI-based tools leverage online knowledge repositories that enable sifting fact from fiction, thus highlighting the potentially false ones. Even manipulated images and videos cannot evade the Machine Learning and AI tools.

ML & AI Expertise is Imperative to Allay the Damage

The attempt to curb fake news can be successful only when we have skilled professionals with ML and AI expertise in abundance. Technological advancement can help us scramble up to the surface from the mire of ignorance and create a prosperous world where there is no place for malignancy of any kind, including the propagation of misinformation.

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